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Published: 30th November 2011
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Aircraft tube bending is a complicated process, requiring sophisticated CNC (Computer Numerical Control) tube benders. This type of bending often involves tight radius bends and high wall factors. In most cases, the tubes have few or no straight sections between bends. In aircraft tubes it is particularly important to avoid wall collapses by minimizing wall thinning, which means the bender should ensure minimal wall thinning and collapse while bending the tube. All these factors add to the complexity of aircraft tube bending. If the process is not properly handled complications arise and the entire job will take a great deal more time. Consequently, it is ideal to utilize sophisticated CNC tube benders for aircraft applications. These benders incorporate the latest features and technology and offer maximum productivity, reliability, and quality. This article discusses several CNC tube benders in more detail.

Electric tube bender

CNC tube benders that use a heavy duty, high torque servomotor are ideal for bending Inconel and Titanium tubes used for aircraft, and are designed to be compact and efficient. The bend arm and head assembly in electric tube benders integrate high load carrying components that offer a high level of reliability. Tube bending is very precise, making it ideal for commercial aircraft applications. These benders are available with various accessories that can be quickly set up and changed. Additionally, the high performance servomotor driven carriage offers excellent accuracy and repeatability.

The CNC tube benders with electrical designs do not utilize hydraulics, which ensures smooth and quiet operation., and are also very compact, making them perfect for a fast changeover and easy operation.

Vector bend tube bender

These tube benders are designed using the latest technology, which makes them ideal for high strength Inconel and Titanium tube bending applications. The benders feature linear roller bearings and centerline radius adjustment, as well as quickly changeable collets, which is crucial in aircraft applications. The unique design employs a compact bend head, which is able to bend intricate parts without difficulty. The compact yet robust bend arm and head assembly allows the accommodation of complex shapes in aircraft tubes. The vector bend CNC tube benders set new standards in terms of flexibility and part shape accuracy.

Aircraft tube bender with touch screen interface

The touch screen interface on some CNC tube benders facilitates machine programming and monitoring, and the high resolution flat panel display makes programming easier. These tube benders typically feature a high torque rotary actuator bend head and offer excellent positioning. The benders deliver maximum productivity, reliability, and do not require a high amount of maintenance. These machines combine fast cycle time with outstanding axis position to offer optimum throughput and precision, which are essential aspects in aircraft tube bending applications. These benders also include advanced features such as programmable pressure settings.

Tube benders that feature the high performance rack and pinion carriage ensure a high level of accuracy and repeatability, while the automatic lubrication on the slides enhances the reliability of the machines. The three position axles bend rectangular tubing and compound bends precisely in both planes. These benders also ensure the highest degree of finish, while also offering assurance of minimal thin wall tube bending. The benders eliminate many complications found in aircraft tube bending and also reduce waste.

Selecting the right CNC tube bender can be a challenge. We recommend you look for a partner that you feel comfortable developing a long-term relationship with and one that can provide a high level of support since you will most likely be working with them for years to come.

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